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Customising your car has come a long way from go faster stripes and rear spoilers.

Moray's answer to 'Pimp My Ride', TJ's Paint Shop in Cockmuir Place Elgin has all the latest paint effects, finishes and accessories to turn production line uniformity into 'one of a kind' head turner.

"The car you drive or the bike you ride can say something about you,"
said Trevor Jones - TJ.He should know. He's worked on all makes and models of car, motorbikes, trucks, even boats over the past ten years - turning the ordinary into extraordinary.


His reputation for paintwork is seen on his meticulous airbursh artworks, murals and graphics but he's just as passionate about touch-ups and resprays.


"We have all the latest finishes. Candy Apple paint - a metallic silver base topped with a translucent coloured lacquer for real depth. Pearl paint has small flakes of mica in it to give subtle sheen and makes the car glow. Metal flaking is paint with flakes of aluminium in it which bounce the light back for glaring shine. And flip paint changes colour depending on where you're standing! It just depends on the effect you want to achieve."


Take in your own design for TJ to work from or take a look at the display wall in the workshop for inspiration.


Paintwork is just the finishing touch. TJ also fits car body kits: wings (aka spoilers), skirts and bumpers that change the outline of your car and can help increase manoeuvring stability.

Many modifications are not only cosmetic, they can help increase performance and safety. A simple change of wing mirror can help reduce drag. LED lights can enhance a bike or car's visibility and night-time safety on the road.


They also look awesome.


"We've fited LED lights on bike, lights to pick out the curves of the bike or car, and can even add neon coloured lights to a car that pulsate in sync with the beat of the music from the stereo system - which we also install."

In fact the workshop can handle all internal electronics - fitting stereos, speakers, DVDs and built-in screens for passengers.

TJ also fits everything needed to remodel the interior or dashboard with custom dials and gauges, gear knobs, pedals and steering wheel, the seats and upholstery - for the ultimate driving experience.


For a quote on a paintwork repair or more details on 'pimping your ride'
call TJs Paint Shop on 07717453567 or send an: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



A car can even look good under the hood with a custom engine covers respray

"Basically we do everything, except mechanic repairs," he explained.

TJ doesn't just cater for the modification enthusiast.


"The condition of a car or bike's paintwork affects its value," he warned. "Every scratch, scuff and dent allows dirt and moisture to get in. Rust develops, eating away at the bodywork and at your re-sell profit. Get chips, scratches and dents seen to as soon as possible.


"We offer fast but high-quality paint matched touch ups, re-sprays and repairs at very competitive prices. We can even apply a special seal to protect bodywork against future chips and scuffs, prevent paintwork deterioration and give unbelievable shine."