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You may have noticed from the changes to the front page that we now have a
page on Facebook.  Bear with me though as I'm still learning how to work it.
We'd be grateful for a 'Like' if you have an account. Don't worry though as
we'll still be keeping this blog updated on a regular basis so we can keep
you informed of what's happening on Moray-life.
We also have a new page on Moray-life where we will be displaying
information from our Facebook page as well as some info from the pages of a
selection of our friends.


Well that's us now officially launched and we've managed to finish
everything we'd hoped; with the exception of the recipe! ( But don't worry,
we'll have a recipe online within the next few days.)

Before I say anything else I want to say a VERY BIG thank you to our
designers who have worked above and beyond the call to make the launch date
possible.  That's all I'm going to say on the subject though as we don't
want any claims for bonuses.

As promised we were in Elgin town centre yesterday handing out leaflets to
lead people to this site.  If you are one of the kind people who took a
leaflet from us then welcome on board.  We hope you enjoy using Moray-life,
please let us know what you think by clicking on the contact button at the
top of the page and sending a message to Richard.

Interesting or funny letters will be published here in the Blog.


T-7 Look out for us in Elgin



With only one week to go until our official launch date of 1st July, we’re pulling out all the stops here to try to make sure everything is ready.

The last thing we need is for visitors to click on a link and find an empty space where useful information should be.


I’ve been out and about around Moray to raise awareness and try to get some local businesses to come on board and support us. I must say the response has been overwhelming, with many local business owners taking advertising space.

We still need plenty of local clubs and organisations to send details for our free listing sections, especially clubs and events. So if you are involved with any local clubs or groups and you want to take advantage of some free advertising, contact me through the site and we’ll include you as fast as we can.


Look out for us in Elgin on 30th June as we’ll be handing out leaflets to raise awareness of the site. If you’ve read this blog, or visited the site, please say hello and let me know what you think of Moray-life. This is designed for you so don’t be shy and tell me if we’re doing it right.


Welcome to Moray Life

Welcome to Moray Life

Our mission is to bring you all the best that Morayshire has to offer.

We have created this site to give us, the residents of Moray, a free and easy access point to information on local attractions, events, the best of local business and more.

Please take some time to look around and if there is anything you feel we have missed out, be it a great place that you’ve visited in Moray, a business where you’ve had excellent service, your local hobby club or something else entirely.

We are always happy to hear from you.

The Moray Life Team


Moray-Life Blog

This week we have mostly been designing and constructing this website.


Thank's for visiting MORAY-Life and staying with us while we keep at it.